About Us

Lisa Shepard, Photographic Artist

 People often ask me how long I have been a photographer. The answer is, “All of my life”. My father was a professional photographer in Los Angeles, and later moved our family to Austin to open his studio on Mesa in Northwest Hills. As long as I can recall, I remember him posing patrons and turning them into works of art with his camera. As a child, inspired by this magical transformation of people into masterpieces, I began to use my little "Kodak Brownie" camera to capture people’s essence. As an adult, I founded “Aimage” as my own fully digital photography studio. As I look back, the path to the present has been filled with diverse and enriching experiences.

 In high school I became an active photojournalist and went to skid row in Los Angeles to document the destitute men and women living on the streets. As I photographed the people on the LA streets I seemed to have captured their spirits as well, which earned me a photographic scholarship award from Bank of America. Upon graduation I entered San Jose State University, majoring in graphic design and photography. It was there that I learned my trade and became the first President of The Women Artists of San Jose. I developed programs with the San Jose Museum of Art, and later placed my work in the San Francisco Museum of Art, which became a world-wide traveling works art exhibit. After briefly work with advertising agencies in San Francisco I lived in Italy for two years, traveling and photographing the people of Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Egypt, and Israel.

 Upon my return, I took my Father's offer to join him in his work at the Austin studios. After he passed away, I opened my own photographic business and from that day I have been photographing weddings almost every weekend, as well as producing all forms of portraiture, convention coverage, and product photography. My company, Aimage, was formally incorporated in 1999 as a fully digital studio with on-location capabilities. My family business includes my husband and sons, now spanning generations. Our beautiful artwork and award winning photographs have been featured at many Austin venues as well as in contemporary publications such as People Magazine, Cowboys and Indians Magazine, Knot Weddings, Southern Bride, Glamour Magazine and Tribeza Magazine.

 What intrigues me most about being a photographer are not only the journalistic roots from which I began, but the expansion of this love to include light, shape, form, emotion, and spirit to enhance, and beautify my patrons. It is in the beautification of my subjects that I thrive. I love the challenge, the mastery, and the privilege of it all. And though it is all created in a moment of time, it is timeless. I have had the honor to photograph generations of families, their love for life and for each other and to preserve these images for those generations who have yet to arrive.

 Aimage is highly recommended and referred at the Austin Convention Bureau as well as numerous Austin, Texas Venues and wedding facilities including but not limited to:


 Villa Antonia,

Nature's Point,

Star Hill Ranch,

The Mansion at Judges Hill,

Kindred Oaks,

The Hyatt at Lost Pines,

The Downtown Hyatt,

The Four Seasons Hotel,

Laguna Gloria Art Museum

One World Theater,

The Driskill Hotel,

The Omni Hotel,

The Hilton Hotel,

Lakeway Inn,

and many other business establishments, synagogues, temples, and churches throughout the Austin area.

Beautiful artwork and award winning pieces have been featured at these venues as well as in contemporary publications such as People Magazine, Cowboys and Indians Magazine, Knot Weddings, Southern Bride, Glamour Magazine and Tribeza Magazine.