Brandee and Jon told me that it all began with a shy boy admiring a sun-kissed girl from across the counter and turned into an all night talk at PBT. In a matter of a few months there was a rainy, tear-filled proposal and the wedding planning was on! The venue, Villa Antonia, the dress, the food, the photographer, and 600 cakeballs that became a beautiful cake that was made by Brandees mom! And, their friends and family were incredible dancers, check out the reception pictures!Lisa

Gene and I met at Sholltz's in Austin Texas in October 2009. We were engaged a year and a half later and lucky enough to find sweet Lisa and Don Shepard to capture all of our special moments! Gene is a outdoor fanatic and I love all of the things that Austin has to bring..especially the scenery! Our engagement session was perfect, we got to play with all the toys the lake has to offer and roll around in the grass. Sholtz's was of course important for us to take pictures at. Lisa took some really good shots of Gene and I. Since Gene and I haven't been back to Sholtz's since we met it felt extra special and brought back a lot of good memories. More to come!

"We loved getting to know Lisa and Don before our big day--during our engagement and bridal sessions--as it made our wedding pictures that much better. On our wedding day, Lisa and Don were more than photographers---they were like friends sharing in the joy and capturing all the special moments. As a bonus, the pictures were beautiful. We will definitely keep in touch with Lisa and Don so they can capture all of our special memories in years to come."Chris and Kim Menger, Married in Austin, Texas

"Cooking with gas,” as Lisa Sheperd would say, is how I would describe her work. She is an amazing artist full of talent and a special joy to work with. She truly has the ability to match your personality with her style, and freeze amazing moments of your life through her photography. She captured our outdoors lifestyle and personalities in our engagement pictures, and then transformed me into a goddess during my bridal portraits.

We are extremely delighted for Aimage to be there capturing those special moments that will tell the story of our wedding. They have been wonderful to work with and we look forward to more opportunities with them in the future." Amber East, Married in College Station, Texas

"Every little girl dreams about her wedding day. However, no little girl ever realizes how many decisions there are to make until they’re actually planning their own wedding. Choosing Aimage to be part of my special day was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Aimage took my engagement, bridal, and wedding day pictures, and they are all amazing!

I was never one of those brides who had every little detail of her wedding day planned out. I remember going to our first meeting with Lisa Shepard and thinking "How am I ever going to decide what we should wear, where we should take the pictures, how we should pose, etc." Lisa was fantastic! She had a list of locations and tons of great ideas for poses.

The first thing my husband and I did with Lisa was our engagement pictures. We took our pictures at Town Lake in Austin. I remember my husband saying "Are you sure that this is a good place to take pictures?" I was pretty skeptical too, but once we got started we felt so comfortable and were having so much fun. One thing we really loved about working with Aimage was how quickly we got our pictures; it only took a week to get both our engagement and wedding pictures. We were blown away! We were thinking that there would be about a handful that we liked, but it turned out that we loved pretty much all of them. It was great to have so many choices and so much variety in the settings and poses.

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